Copy - January 2-9, 2023 - LET'S ROLL - SuperNova Astrology Update

January 9-16, 2023 - FREE ENERGY - SuperNova Astrology Update
There is so much hope on the horizon with Jupiter making it to 2 degrees Aries. But we are in a funk with both Mercury and Mars retrograde. It's feeling like nothing we ever do gets us anywhere. Mercury and Mars are our main 'action' planets but they are both going backwards, so we are feeling stuck for now.


Mars is hanging out at 8 degrees Gemini, waiting to be let out of the gates when he turns direct on January 12th. But with Mercury still retrograde for another week until January 19th, we are not going to feel the forward motion just yet.

Prepare prepare! Mars has had enough of that talk, and is ready to forge ahead. But do we know where we are going? Mercury retrograde in Capricorn says we have got to make sure our mind, thoughts, and emotions are our own. If not, then we could be greatly led astray when the energies begin to move again, finding our self headed in the wrong direction. Huge efforts have gone into trying to keep humanity from awakening, but it's not working. Humans, one by one, are realizing that they have been been victim to a mind control agenda.

Today, Black Moon Lilith moves over into the sign of Leo. It's time to shine the light into the darkest shadows. All that is hidden must come to light. We have been taught that the feminine is weak and dark. But the truth is, in wholeness, she is a light unto herself. The persecution of the feminine throughout the Piscean Age has kept her hidden in the dungeon.

Our deepest vulnerabilities about our life path, worth, and direction are coming up as Venus comes into a T-square with the Nodes of the Moon. We will be feeling this frustration around not being able to move forward with the spiritually meaningful life that we want, until the middle of January.This T-square brings up the question, 'what in the world are we doing here, anyway?' The South Node in Scorpio says that the feminine must be purified in order to come into receive her own beautiful energetic abundance.

The Nodes of the Moon are at 10 degrees Taurus and Scorpio. Moving backwards through the zodiac, the Nodes are coming the the last part of their time in these signs. The Nodes of the Moon have been in Taurus and Scorpio since January 19th, 2022 and will move on into Aries and Libra on July 13th, 2023. The North Node in Aries, coming on the heels of Jupiter in Aries, will be a time for humanity to demand it's freedom and autonomy.

We are feeling Mercury retrograde in Capricorn, in his 2nd of 3 squares with Chiron in Aries. It's time to rally for the fight for freedom. One by one we are unplugging our energy from their agenda and taking back our precious power, and learning to contain it only for our own creative use, like Source intended.

By claiming our dominIon over our thoughts and emotions, we invite our birthright, the precious vital force of God Source to flow through our physical being, enlightening our life and lightening the load we have been carrying. It's time to fully live instead of walking around half dead. We are FREE ENERGY and it is time to claim that back.

Author: Adrienne Elise
Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, as well as a professional Astrologer. Adrienne is passionate about helping the 'bright light souls' of this world find their way home to themselves. Adrienne has coined these souls 'SuperNova Souls', an apt description for their inevitable experience of rapid spiritual awakening. SuperNova Souls are on the cutting edge of spiritual ascension. Adrienne's work has become focused on supporting these souls, and connecting them back together with their Soul Tribe.
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