January 2-9, 2023 - LET'S ROLL - SuperNova Astrology Update

January 2-9, 2023 - LETS ROLL - SuperNova Astrology Update
The Sun in Capricorn is in exact square to Chiron in Aries, bringing life's frustrations close to the surface. Why is it so difficult to simply live and survive? This is just on the heels of an intense Venus/Pluto conjunction that happened on New Year's Day. This is bringing up our most vulnerable feelings around being controlled by outside forces,combined with building frustration around not being free.Humanity is ripe to stand up and claim their right to an abundant and soverign existence.

Venus in Capricorn is exactly opposite of Black Moon Lilith in Cancer at 29 degrees. Our feminine is facing the darkness in order to overcome the fear of her awakening power. It's a big shift of energy as Venus moves over into the sign of Aquarius this week. We are claiming a higher spiritual feminine perspective.There is a way bigger picture to all of this, which is hard to see from the corner of the dark dungeon.

Black Moon Lilith will move over into Leo on January 9th, shining the light on all of the darkest dark. Venus is across from Black Moon Lilith now, but will meet up again with this dark vaccum in space in July, just as Venus is getting ready for a retrograde. The feminine is facing the darkness, in order to become the light.

Mercury and Venus just crossed paths, right as Mercury turned retrograde. They won't meet again until after Venus turns retrograde at 28 degrees Leo, on July 28th. It will be a mighty council and reunion, as Mercury has been quite a friend. Venus and Black Moon Lilith will meet three times, twice in Leo and the third time happens in October at 0 degrees Virgo. 2023 is a re-birth for the feminine, as she is supported back into her full shining.

Saturn is at 22 degrees Aquarius, and Neptune is at 22 degrees of Pisces. Mercury and venus have been taking turns crossing 22 degrees of Capricorn for this great lining up of stars. Mercury is in exact sextile to Neptune tomorrow, throwing us a line to get out of the dark stories of the past. Re-write them with more magic! Says Mercury sextile Neptune. Imagination and creative dreaming is our only way out of this.

Everything is starting to move again now that Jupiter has made it to 1 degree Aries, Jupiter will move to 2 degrees on January 8th. Neptune is inching forward to 23 degrees Pisces that same day. Pluto will make the epic move to 28 degrees Capricorn on January 12th, the same day that Mars turns direct.We are pushing the boundaries of the stagnant gridlock feeling of the last 6 months of intense squares and Mars retrograde. Everyone can feel that it is time for things to start moving again.

Mars has made it back to 8 degrees Gemini, as we all breathe a sigh of relief. Now to climb our way back out of the shadows of suppression of expression. Mars turns direct on January 12th, lingering at 8 degrees Gemini until January 24th before really moving again. It could be a bit messy as as all that has been happening inside of us begins to express out into the world.

Mercury will turn direct on January 19th, just in time for a New Moon at 1 degree 33 minutes of Aquarius. By the end of the month, Jupiter will make it to 5 degrees Aries. We will really feel things moving after Jupiter and Mercury come out of retrograde shadow the first week of February.

This Friday is the Full Moon in Cancer at 16 degrees 22 minutes. The Moon will be in sextile, and the Sun in trine, to Uranus in Taurus. This makes this Full Moon about learning to own our energetic intuitive wealth. We are being invited to claim, and feel worthy of, an abundantly joyful life.

Thats what it feels like when you come back into the arms of the Mother. Last month's dark journey of Pluto opposite Black Moon Lilith took us deep into the wound of separation. It's preparing and pushing us to release back into interconnectedness.This Cancer Full Moon offers the opportunity to be reborn into wholeness, with full permission to blast off into Spiriutal Awakening and Ascension.

Author: Adrienne Elise
Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher, as well as a professional Astrologer. Adrienne is passionate about helping the 'bright light souls' of this world find their way home to themselves. Adrienne has coined these souls 'SuperNova Souls', an apt description for their inevitable experience of rapid spiritual awakening. SuperNova Souls are on the cutting edge of spiritual ascension. Adrienne's work has become focused on supporting these souls, and connecting them back together with their Soul Tribe.
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