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Adrienne Elise

Intuitive Training

Intuitive Training is the KEY to discover who you really are. In this Intuitive Training, you can learn the skills you need to uncover your precious inner gifts. We have all experienced many lifetimes, and have learned many things. But we have forgotten.
The best way to honor your soul-spirit, and your innate skills, is to learn how to use them! Claim back your essence and remember who you are, by getting acquainted with your intuitive and psychic abilities

SuperNova Soul Tribe

Are you a SuperNova Soul?
It's time for us to get back into our Star Clusters!

Throughout time, SuperNova Souls have come together to do amazing things, and work on innovative and exciting projects. The 'seeds' of these projects have been planted in crucial times throughout history, by these special souls. These 'seeds' are ready to sprout!

Holy Nights of Peace

Are you ready for deep peace? Is the busy-ness of the season getting you down?

Take a journey with me into Deep Peace with these Audio recordings of 12 Holy Night Meditations - The Holy Nights of Peace.

Upcoming Events

Adrienne offers Live Activation Events for the New and Full Moons each month, as well as periodic Soul Group Sessions, a Group Intuitive Session, which looks at shared or similar past life energies. These events serve to offer healing and support and connect together these SuperNova Souls.

Participants speak of deep healing and clarity that can come from participation in these events. It's a great way to find your SuperNova Soul Group Members! Activations include current astrological information and a guided meditation crafted exactly to the astrological moment. Soul Group Sessions offer deeper work including opportunities to break contracts and receive healing through shared past life pictures.

What People Are Saying

Thank you so much for your generous gift of time today to speak about my chart and path. Your words feel supportive and caring, which is lovely to experience. And I appreciate SO much the care, consideration and expertise that you bring to your readings. Enlightening and empowering.
God!!! ♥️. I love you so much. You are the guide we all need. We all feel it so strongly, but you say what we feel, when we dont know how to say it. You are helping us all remember. Your work is soooo important in this world right now. Every day my mind goes crazy all day, and then I come home from work and find you. And everything is ok again.
A Laun
I would like to express how much your Intuitive Healing Session meant to me. It seemed like I was still in an altered state at the end of the session and I wasn't communicating very clearly. It was amazing and also very surprising and yet so LIBERATING.
Carolyn Kavannah

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